About account deletion

Announcer:ECO Plugs Time:2023-10-11

About account deletion for ECO Plugs App

To the account applied in our App,

please Tap the "More" icon in the App main page then tap " my account" option to start the process.

Or you can also : in our App tap the mail icon in the main page to generate mail automatically fill in our address.

Or you can also : send us email with the email account that use the same email address applied as account in our App to confirm and start the deletion process. 

Email address to send: support@eco-plugs.net

About the info will be d:
After the deletion complete, the email address used as account in our App, will be d and can not be recover.
The account will be no longer able to log in our App.

Before start the Account Deletion process,
Please read the CAUTIONS below:

I. Please notice deleting account may cause devices lose CLOUD and smartspeaker supporting, if you have concern about this issue, please tap the mail icon in App main page to contact us first.

II. If you wanna send us an email to start the process, please make sure the Email address used in your mail is as SAME as the one you wanna .
This is to make sure you are the owner of the account gonna d here.

III. When we received the request, we will the account you mentioned in 7days.
You can withdraw this request by email in this period.

(Example: we got the mail on 1st, then the account will be d on 8th. The Request can be withdrew from 1st ~ 7th.)

IV. We here also remind you to deactivate all smartspeakers option that may be activavted for your plugs.

V. The account been d can NOT be recover

Any Question about deletion process or other topic, please share with us to : 

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