About supporting Google Home for Android

Announcer:ECO Plugs Time:2019-04-29

About supporting Google Home

Dear Customer,
According to the feedbacks we received recent days we believe some customers have discovered ECO Plugs have been in Google Home's Action list.
And also some customers told us they had linked their ECO Plugs devices with Google Home App and work well.
While also we had received feedbacks about not seeing related option in ECO Plugs App but can see Action in Google Home App,
and some customers also found we have not made announcement about this function.

For now, the function to help our WiFi smarthome devices to support Google Home on our App, including the option to connect the individual device ( locating in the same page where to rename your device ) and Account and Password system for our App, is already on our Android version App.
And as to iOS version , we are still working on it and urging related department to speed up everyday. 

To the customers using iOS smart devices, if you have Android device you can download our Android ver App (ver 2.76 or newer) and an account and password for our App,
Then activate the "Connect to Google Assistant" / "Remote Control for more Connection" option in each device's own setting page ( same page that rename and set DST for your device, and please connect your smartdevice with the Home router that you set with the ECO Plugs devices first so the App can show your devices )
Then you can move back to iOS device and enter the username and password just d for our App on you iOS ver Google Home App then add those devices.

We know it's inconvenient for iOS user presently, we will keep working on iOS version and try to let it out ASAP.
Thank you all guys.

Any technical question, please share detail with us to     support@eco-plugs.net    , thanks again.