I had installed plugs before and I removed it from sockets OR changed SSID name , I can't find them now, What should I do

Announcer:ECO Plugs Time:2017-10-31

If you had installed your device successfully Or you had any change on your home router,
Please default reset the device then re-install it.
You can see the instruction of default-reset below.

How to default reset the plug (Not Wall-Mounted) ?

To default reset, please

a. Unplug the ECO Plugs Outlet.

b. Press and hold the Power Button whileplugging the ECO Plugs Outlet back into the power outlet.

c. Continue holding the button for 3-5seconds.

d. When the Wi-Fi status indicator lightturns off, release the button and the ECO Plugs Outlet has been reset.

The blue LED on the plug will be blinking after the default reset been done.

How to default reset the device (Wall-Mounted, TM-102) ?